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Revenge before Retribution

Two sunken cargo ships, several downed helicopters, and with three police squadrons defeated, Teisel and Bon Bonne along with a few servebots were already aboard the Drache heading home.  Just as Teisel predicted, one of the cargo ships had the refractors but they were only half the amount he was hoping for which was still more than enough to make an exchange for weapons.  The second smaller cargo ship had an assortment of edible items along with bottled water which the Bonne brothers took with alacrity.  Because they only had half of the amount of reactors they wanted, they had enough room for the food and water with some space to spare.  Since food was big business between the islands, the Bonnes would usually sell any that they found but for today they kept all of it for themselves.  Primiki Harbor was up in smoke in several parts as Teisel looked back, feeling accomplished.
"We have what we came for and them some!  Nice work gentleman!" Teisel said as he took a seat in the cockpit.
"Babuu" came Bon Bonne's voice from the cabin.
"Oh I almost forgot, I better check up on her" he put on an earpiece.
He wanted to see how Tron did on her first day.
"Tron, do you read?"
There was only silence.
Again silence.
"Well, I don't see any other Draches out and about so she must be back" he said looking at the radar.
Up ahead was the Gesellschaft which was a silhouette as it eclipsed the setting sun.
"Were we really out that long?  I suppose the resistance was a bit heavy" Teisel uttered.
"I know what I said earlier about poorly trained police officers.  I guess they were not all like that.  Still, none of that matters now since we got we needed.  After dinner tonight I'm gonna hit the sack early.  We commence the next part of our goal tomorrow but until then I cannot wait for some peace and quiet tonight"
Other than a conversation, the rest of the trip home was uneventful.  The usual protocol was followed all the way until the closing of the bay door on the belly of the green airship.  The Gustaff stood in its typical spot in the hangar so Tron was already home.
"Gentlemen, unload everything.  Tonight we dine like kings!" Teisel ordered.
The hangar came to life as many servebots now handled the various items brought in from Primiki Harbor.  The food was placed into freezers and refrigerators while the refractors were placed in another storage area with whatever Tron brought back from her small expedition.
"Tron, we're back!" Teisel yelled echoing throughout the entire Gesellschaft.
The sound of footsteps walking on metal could be heard approaching the hanger.  They were slow paced and as soon as Tron appeared her arms crossed and she looked down at the floor, distraught.
"You made it back!  And I see the loot you brought back will…Tron?"
He noticed that something was slightly off.
"Tron, what's wrong?"
She shook a bit then ran up to her oldest brother sobbing loudly.  She knew that hiding the truth would only make things worse.  Putting her face on his metal chest plate, she let out all her emotions teardrop after teardrop.  Teisel only thought of one explanation for what was currently going on.
"Tron, did you sneak into the alcohol cabinet?" he asked trying to assess the situation.
"Teisel" she began looking up at him "…I think I killed a police officer"
The entire hangar fell silent.  Bon Bonne's oval eyes shrank to the size of a period on a paper.  Every servebot who heard stopped instantly and turned towards their creator.
"…ha!  Good one Tron.  Just yanking my chain!" Teisel didn't want to believe what his sister just told him.
"Teisel, I'm sorry.  It was an accident.  I used the Bonne Bitch Slap on her but it was highly overpowered" she sniffled.
"The Bonne Bitch Slap?  Where did you come up with that name?  Are you she's dead, Tron?"
She let him go and backed up for a few feet then spoke some more.
"She never resurfaced once she hit the water.  I waited for a while.  Please don't hate me!" she begged.
Now here was an event unfolding.  Tron's first day out and she whacks a police officer.  He put both hands on his head thinking hard.
"Tron I don't hate you but this is very serious now.  This may in fact put a damper on our plans.  Didn't you say that the Gesellschaft is water tight?"
She gave a slight nod.
"Okay.  We need to go underwater for a while.  I'm sure there's an investigation being carried out and if they ever find the body I'm sure they are going to come after us on top of Loathe who's already planning on attacking us at some point"
"What about me?  What do you want me to do?" Tron asked.
"There isn't a whole lot you can do now.  Don't dwell on it too much.  We might have to post pone our plans though"
"You're not making me feel any better, Teisel"
"Well what do you want me to say?  Everything is gonna be peachy?  It's better if I state the facts now.  Also, dinner is not going to be as extravagant tonight, servebots"
"Awww!" each one moped then glared at Tron.
In a normal situation, any glare from a servebot would have resulted in time spent in the torture room for a servebot but given the circumstances Tron didn't say anything back.
The Gesellschaft began its decent into the ocean.  Minutes passed when the belly of the mammoth machine touched the water then continued deeper down until the highest point of the radar antenna was the last point to sink under.
In the kitchen all the servebots gathered at the cafeteria window where the chef servebot did something unusual.
"Sorry guys, I don't feel like cooking today.  It's been a rough day for us ever since Miss Tron killed a police lady"
"But what are we going to eat?" another one spoke.
"Find whatever is edible in a box and eat it.  Kitchen is closed"
He closed the window which was followed by a huge "@!*$#^"
One of the less social servebots left since he knew he wasn't going to get fed.  Walking into the hallway something caught his attention.  On the floor were wet footsteps.  The personal bathrooms were many floors up so the water spots were a bit of a surprise.  Following them, they led him to mostly empty storage room with a few empty cardboard boxes.  The tracks stopped behind an LCD television box which was stolen from an electronics store.  As his yellow faced looked behind the box the last thing he saw was a monkey wrench before being put out.  With a metal clank the servebot fell onto the floor, not moving.  The other servebots left the kitchen and split up into groups talking among themselves.  A group of 5 walked into the same hall as the lone servebot and spotted him out of commission right outside the open storage room door.
They quickly ran to check up on their comrade.
"What happened to number 28?" one servebot asked before meeting the same monkey wrench.  6 decommissioned servebots were now bound and placed inside the large LCD television box in the storage room.
The intruder was about to step out into the hall when heavy footsteps were heard.  It hid in the shadows as Bon Bonne walked by carrying a crate of refractors.  Once the footsteps couldn't be heard, the intruder silently proceeded into the hall and into a ventilation shaft that went vertical.
Inside the arsenal of the Bonne's flagship, Teisel and Bon Bonne laid out a series of weapons in front of them for cleaning and preparation.
"It could be a while.  If we're going to fight the police we're going to need twice as many heavy guns as I thought we were going to need.  Poor Tron.  She's still broken about this whole thing. I don't blame her but there's nothing we can do now"
"Yes.  Let's just focus on the task at hand.  We'll know in a couple of days how this whole police thing turned out.  I guess you can't make omelets without breaking a few eggs.  This world takeover thing is going to be harder than I thought"
"…Babuu?" he said slowly.
Teisel looked at his brother.
"You're right Bon Bonne…when did I ever mention world takeover?"
If Bon Bonne could raise an eyebrow he would have.
"I think I've been reading too many books on historical figures who have tried to take over Terra.  Maybe I need to watch more television.  At any rate, let's focus on what's in front of us now" he said holding a metal part.
In Tron's room, the television was on.  The evening news was playing but to Tron's surprise there was no mention of the death of a police officer.
"Just a little longer and they'll mention it" she told herself as she sat on the floor, only a few feet from the TV.
She listened very carefully to each word but the breaking news never came.
"And now sports…" was the last phrase the television uttered before Tron decided it was enough for that night.
Tron's mostly pink room was enormous.  Her queen size bed was decorated with flowery sheets and pillow cases.  In the corner was a white grand piano.  She took a seat on the stool and looked down at the keys.
"What if she isn't dead?  I don't think any human could have survived such a fall.  I mean, if she was strong enough to flip over my Gustaff then maybe but that's impossible.  Great, on my first day out I've committed an atrocity.  At least Teisel didn't get as upset as I thought he would.  Either that or this whole thing hasn't sunk in yet"
The sound of water dripping could be heard behind Tron.  She still looked down but listened.  In Tron's head the sound made a beat that she then started playing her piano to.  Her ability to play music was one of her hidden talents.  Not even Teisel or Bon Bonne knew about her piano let alone her musical abilities.  The water dropping was getting louder but Tron kept on playing.  The floor creaked just a few feet behind her.  She finally stopped when she realized that she wasn't the only person in her room.
The servebot in charge of trash was gathering the kitchen trash then pushed the cart with black bags inside forward into the hall.  On its way it saw the open door to the storage room with the empty boxes inside.  Deciding they were just taking up space, he placed the boxes in the cart and continued on to the trash compactor.  Opening a red door, it threw each bag in one by one.  When it reached for the boxes, which were heavier than it expected, it set the LCD TV box at an angle where the open end was facing down, resulting in a metal crashing on metal sound then an "OW!"
The 6 servebots were awake again but bound in white nylon rope.
"What were you guys doing in there?" the trash servebot asked.
"Someone put us here!  They knocked us out and tied us up; we have to warn Master Teisel, Tron, and Bon Bonne that we have an intruder!"
Tron's vision started to fade as a garroting wire was around her neck, choking her to death.  She looked around quickly and spotted a stone eagle statue on her piano.  She grabbed it just before she was pulled back hard.  With all her strength she forced the statue over her shoulder where it found its mark right in the intruder's temple, knocking them backwards.  She reached for a knife she had in her shoe at all times and was about to thrust forward until she saw the intruder.  Her face went from a determined rage to utter shock…and slightly horrified.
"You!?  You're alive!"
The police officer Tron thought she killed was now just 4 feet in front of her holding her head with her right arm while glaring bullets at Tron.  Denise was soaking wet.  The other difference was that her glasses were no longer on her face.  Her side arm was not a pistol but a green monkey wrench.
"How did you get in here!?"
"I'm just that good" Denise replied in a low voice but very cold sounding.
"Look officer that was an accident back on Ryship.  I didn't mean to hit you that hard!"
"I don't care whether it was or not…I lost my job because of you!"
Tron did not know what to do next.  Deep down inside she was relieved that Denise was in fact alive.  However, Denise did just try to kill her.  Was that a fair move?
"You should be thankful you're alive!  The only reason I haven't stabbed you yet is because of what I did to you today.  I suggest you leave now!"
"I'm not going anywhere just yet" Denise dropped her wrench and pulled out a machete then pointed it at Tron.
"Come on!  Be rational, officer!  What you're about to do is insane!" Tron reasoned.
"Insane?  My only real source of community from my otherwise loser lifestyle is now gone!  Being a police officer was all I knew and because of you, I made my fatal mistake and lost everything!  I have every right to be insane!  Now come here!" she lunged at Tron but she dodged and picked up her white piano stool.
Denise took another swing at Tron who held out the stool as the machete hit the center and cut it cleanly in half.  All the contents inside the piano stool started falling out.  As they did Denise took more swings, hitting nothing but piano books, slicing them to confetti.  Then Denise swung and hit one of the pillars of Tron's bed which was made of solid oak.  The blade was now stuck.  Taking this as a chance, Tron grabbed one of her Playstation controllers which was right on her bed and wrapped the cord around Denise's neck, making two circles then pulled tightly.  It was Denise's turn to struggle as she tried to break free of the hold.
"Sorry officer, but if I let you live that would mean the death of me!"
Holding on tightly, Tron squeezed hard as Denise's face started to turn purple.  Using her flexibility, Denise lifted her left leg up and hit Tron in the eye with her foot, releasing the grip.  Tron fell on her back and as she did she quickly noticed a fire extinguisher under her bed which she had asked one of her servebots many times before to take it out.  She was glad it didn't listen.  Denise tried to pull the blade out from the oak but quickly gave up.  When she turned towards Tron she sprayed fire retardant on Denise's face, causing her to stumble back a bit.  Now, wiping foam from her eyes, Denise set her glare back on Tron.  Throwing the red canister to the side, Tron threw a punch but Denise caught it with her hand, stopping Tron.  Denise pulled Tron towards her then gave her a massive head butt which knocked Tron back but not down.  Tron then tried to rush Denise but she caught her, lifted her up like a professional wrestler, then threw her into a mirror, shattering it into a million pieces.  Her body made a loud thud along with the sound of glass breaking as she hit the floor.
"Had enough?" Denise said winded but still in the fight.
Tron didn't respond but stood up with legs barely holding on and waited for Denise to try something else which she did.  Tron dodged Denise's punch then with a piece of glass from the mirror she stabbed Denise's right arm.
"Gaaah!" she let out.
This was an opening Tron needed.  She kicked the officer in the gut hard, coughing up spit.  She kicked again and Denise fell next to the piano.  Tron ran to the piano and opened up the huge white lid which housed the piano wires and other parts inside.  Grabbing Denise by the hair, she pulled up and put her head between the lid and the edge of the interior.  Tron brought down the lid on Denise's head with such force that the piano started to play itself.  Tron did this several more times before Denise's left hand stopped the lid from coming down again.  Since she only had her left arm to fight with she tried to fight off Tron but Tron kept dodging and throwing punches back that kept connecting with Denise's face.
"I think the tables are turning" Tron could barely speak.
Her entire body was bruised and Denise mirrored her wounds as well.  Both stopped momentarily, breathing heavily.  Denise removed the piece of broken glass from her arm and dropped the blood stained shard on the white carpet floor.
"Officer…I…I really am sorry for what I did to you…." Tron said feebly.
"My…my career…my family…my…my career…" Denise started to stumble forward.  Tron thought she was coming forward for an attack so with an uppercut Denise was airborne for a few seconds then landed flat on Tron's bedroom floor, down for the count.
Bon Bonne's fist knocked down Tron's bedroom door and he stormed in along with Teisel and several servebots.
"What's going on here…HOLY!!!" Teisel started.
Everyone who wasn't Tron or knocked out looked around the room.  Tron was on her knees with fists in the floor.  She had many cuts and bruises including scratches on her face from being hurled into a mirror but no broken bones.  Broken items and shredded papers were everywhere.  Tron was right in the center of all the broken glass and paper.  Denise was on the floor face up by Tron's walk in closet.
"Tron are you okay!?" Teisel rushed to make sure his sister was fine.
"Yeah, Teisel.  I'm fine" Tron spoke quietly and was shaking.
Teisel then looked down at Denise.
"This must be our intruder!"
"That's the officer I thought I killed.  She lost her job and decided to take her rage out on me.  I have no idea how she got into the Gesellschaft" Tron stood up and walked over to her fallen opponent.
"Teisel, we need to take her to the sickbay" Tron said.
"But Tron, she tried to kill you!" Teisel wondered why Tron wanted to do this.
"In all fairness she had a good reason to.  Let's try to reconcile ourselves by helping her out.  At least we don't have to worry about being the most wanted criminals for the murder of an officer.  We'll figure out what to do with her when she's better."
Teisel gently lifted Denise off the floor then carried her to the sickbay which was several floors down.  Halfway there, Denise came too.  Her vision was blurry but she couldn't decide if it was from being knocked out or not having her glasses.  Her eyes opened wide when she saw she was being carried.
"Who are you?" she asked.
Teisel jumped a bit, not expecting her to be up so soon.
"Nevermind who I am.  You tried to kill my sister.  You're lucky we didn't feed you to the sharks outside" Teisel said looking straight ahead.
"Does this mean I'm a prisoner?" she asked.
"I don't know yet.  We'll decide soon.  Tron asked me to take you to our sickbay so be thankful she's forgiven you"
"Forgive me?  Forgive me for her almost killing me?!"
"That was…!" Teisel started.
"An accident…yes yes…I know" Denise rolled her eyes.
"Great, first I get fired, then I become a prisoner to a family of air pirates…could my life get any worse?" Denise thought.
Inside the sickbay, Bon Bonne tended to Denise's wounds while Tron and Teisel waited outside of the closed door.
"Tron, what are going to do with her?" he asked.
"She lost her job and seems too ashamed to return home so let me think"
"Whoa, I hope you're not thinking she's gonna stay here!" Teisel groaned.
It wasn't Tron's original thought, but Tron got an idea.
"Why not?"
"Tron!  A police officer?!"
"A defunct police officer, Teisel"
"I don't care!  She tried to kill my sister and now she's gonna stay under our roof?"
"She's already going through a hard time.  And look at the skills she has, Teisel.  Even though I won that fight, it was close.  She's a damn good fighter and we can use someone like her for our cause"
Teisel didn't respond yet.  Rather, he played what Tron said over and over several times.
"You know my ideas rarely let us down, big brother"
"While that may be true, Tron, I don't know about this.  Where would she even stay?  We only have 3 bedrooms: yours, mine, and Bon Bonne's.  Oh and ones for the servebots as well.  But do you see what I mean?"
"We can discuss it over dinner tonight.  We should invite Denise too"
"Tron, you're killing me!"
Tron just chuckled.
"C'mon Teisel.  Play nice.  I think things may start working out for the better if we go with my plan.  And with all that food you brought from Primiki Harbor I'd say we have a huge feast for dinner.  I think we dodged a bullet today, wouldn't you agree?"
"Oh…fine!  I really hope you know what you're doing.  I'll let the servebots know about dinner"
Teisel walked away and Tron walked into the sickbay.
"Hey Bon Bonne, could I have a few minutes with Denise?"
"Babuu" he replied then walked out.
Denise sat upright on the bed with an icepack on her forehead.  There were still traces of fire retardant in her bangs.  Tron reached into her pockets and pulled out a brown leather case.
"First of all, you might need these" Tron said, putting Denise's glasses in her hands.
"My glasses!  Where did you find them?"
"When I hit you, they came right off your face.  I just took them.  Not sure why"
They were both silent for a moment.  Tron crossed her arms.
"By the way, we decided that you will not be a prisoner and are also invited to join us for dinner tonight" Tron told Denise.
Denise's eyes shot wide open.
"What?  Why are you suddenly being nice to me?" she asked surprised.
"I think you've been through enough hell for one day.  Me almost killing you, the loss of your job.  Think of this more as a celebration that you didn't die and I can stop having a heart attack over it.  What do you say?"
"Having a heart attack?" Denise asked.
"Denise, I was a nervous wreck when I thought I killed you.  Sure we may be pirates but we have our moral standards"
Denise was taken back.  Pirates with moral standards.  What was the world coming to?  Denise looked at Tron's neck which had a bright red ring around it from almost being choked to death.
"I'm sorry that I tried to kill you in your room" Denise said.
"If we drop the killing part now, all will be forgiven.  Deal?"
Denise smiled a little.
"Good.  Anyways, in that room behind you is a shower along with a washer and dryer if you want to take care of your wet clothes.  Dinner won't be ready for a while so take your time.  I'll have a servebot bring by some towels.  Later"
Tron took her leave and Denise remained on the bed sitting up.
"Air pirates are certainly the last group of people I would have expected to take me in so easily…well maybe just Tron.  That tall man in the green suit didn't seem happy at all around me.  And I'm supposed to be there for dinner.  What a night this is going to be" came Denise's thoughts.
Once the servebot brought down several towels, Denise proceeded into the shower room and closed the door.
At an undisclosed medical outpost, Glyde was lying down in a hospital bed.  Two IV packs ran into both arms.  The television on the ceiling above showed a soccer game.  His entire jaw was covered in wire to fuse his broken jaw together.  He was not allowed out of the facility until he was fully healed so he was going out for a while.  Two birdbots were in his room as well, both reading a home improvement magazine.
"Uuuuuhhhh" Glyde said from his bed.
That's all he really could say with a broken jaw.
A birdbot stood up to see what he wanted.  Glyde's finger pointed to a glass of water.  With a giant eyedropper, like the ones used for sucking the juices out of poultry, the birdbot carefully put water in his mouth until gave the stop gesture with his hand.  On a radio in the room, a female secretary made a call into Glyde's room.
"Mr. Glyde, you have a visitor.  It's Mr. Loathe"
The two birdbots looked at Glyde who gestured to allow Mr. Loathe inside.
"Send him in" the birdbot said back into the radio.
Seconds later the door opened.  Lex Loathe, with a fedora on his head, took several steps in then stopped right next to Glyde.  He couldn't believe the condition he was in.
"I would ask how you're feeling but I think I already know" Loathe said.
Glyde just looked at him apathetically but wondered why Loathe suddenly showed up.
"If I didn't know any better, I would say you got into a fight with an electric toothbrush" Loathe laughed to himself.
"Uck yew!" was Glyde's acrimonious response.
"What was that?  I didn't quite understand that.  Anyways, I won't be here long but I have something important I need to run by you.  We dug out completely the Colossus a lot sooner than we expected.  All we need are the 3 refractors which are currently being installed and it will become fully operational.  On that note, due to your condition we're gonna start without you.  I know you won't mind"
"wait…it nawt wetty wit ree reractors" Glyde mumbled.
"I knew you'd see it my way!  Get well soon, my boy.  Once the Bonne's are my slaves the world will be mine…err…I mean ours" he chuckled nervously.
"Well, see you at some point"
Lex Loathe walked out.  One of the birdbots shut the door then went back to reading a magazine.  Glyde put his hand on his face, thinking about what Mr. Loathe said.
"at idiot iz gunna et imself illed" Glyde said out loud.
"More water, Mr. Glyde?" a birdbot asked.
With mouth wired opened his set his gaze back on the television, wondering if he was going to have a new boss in a few days.
"Attention, all Bonne family members and…umm…guest…dinner is just about to be served so please make your way to the dining room" a servebot announced over the ceiling speaker.
The aroma of something beef like along with other distinct spices filled the air around the dining room which was only used for special occasions so it was rare that the Bonnes used this room.  Since Denise was not dead, Teisel ordered the Gesellschaft to be raised out of the sea and back into the air.  The veil of night covered the sky with the stars as a gorgeous backdrop.  In the café, most of the servebots were enjoying dinner since the mood was lightened again.  In the dining room kitchen, 5 servebots took roles as chefs and waiters.  Inside the dining room was a rectangular table that would have been a square but Bon Bonne does take up quite a bit of space.  The legs of the table had ornate carvings on them, indicating that the table was a pretty penny.  So of course the table was stolen along with the chairs, the silverware, glass cups, as well as the meal for the evening.  5 minutes after the announcement, the Bonne family arrived simultaneously and took their seats.  On the table, all the silverware and cups were set up.  In addition to the set up, a bottle of wine was right in front of Teisel's chair on the table which he stole from a mayor.  He only had alcohol when eating in this room so not often.  Of course since he was the only one old enough to drink, Tron and Bon Bonne wouldn't be having any, not that they wanted wine anyways.  He was unsure of Denise's age but he didn't plan on sharing.  The Bonne siblings took their seats.
"I wonder if Denise is going to show up" Tron said looking at the entrance.
"We can start without her" Teisel suggested.
"Teisel...remember what I said.  Please try not to be awkward tonight" Tron said annoyed.
Teisel noticed Tron's bandages on her neck and arms.  He tried to keep calm.
"I'll try but I can't make any promises" he responded.
"Umm…the food is taking a little longer than expected.  We can start with the drinks, though" a servebot said coming out of the kitchen.
"Don't worry about me for now" Teisel said.
"Lemonade" Tron said.
"Babuu" came Bon Bonne's choice.
"2 lemonades coming right up" the servebot spoke as it walked back into the kitchen.
"Well, I know I should wait, but I'll start with wine now.  I always forget that because your friend is alive, the police won't be after us.  I think I'll drink to that!"
"Teisel, I'm not sure if the police even care.  Denise told me that they told her not to come back.  That's extremely odd, even for the police" Tron said with a hand on her chin.
"Be that as it may, it's no cause for concern for us" he replied then took a sip from his glass of red wine.
"I never did ask, what did you tell the servebots to make?" Tron asked, curious.
"After a few sorties in the country, the idea came to me once I saw the food we stole from Primiki Harbor.  I call it country food but it goes for a rather high price in the cities"
"So…what is it?"
"Just wait and see, Tron"
"Bon Bonne!  Don't give her any hints!" Teisel spurted then laughed.
"Well, I think I might have an idea.  Thanks Bon Bonne" Tron said looking at her youngest brother.
With hands folded in front of her and head pointing down at the floor, Denise slowly entered the dining room with her clean, dry, police attire.  The only thing she did not have was her hat.  She shyly took her seat and looked around.
"You came.  Welcome to our dining room.  Servebot!  Come get a drink for Denise"
"Coming, Miss Tron!  What can I get for you Miss Lemonade?"
"It's actually Marmalade but don't worry about that.  Just water"
"Are you sure?  We have lots of drinks.  It's not like you're paying for anything.  Oh hey, what about some wine?" Tron suggested.
"Tron!  Come on!" Teisel complained.
"Shut it.  What do you say, Denise?  You're old enough aren't you?  You are a police officer after all."
"I don't know about that.  I've never had any alcohol before and I'm 25 years old" Denise said timidly.
"Teisel, hand over the bottle" Tron told him.
He reluctantly passed the bottle to Tron who then gave it to Denise.
"Pour as much as you want"
"I can't believe she's being nice to her.  I always thought she had a short fuse but this is nothing short of remarkable.  I guess I should play nice.  If Tron forgives her then I should too" Teisel thought to himself.
"Thanks" Denise responded to Tron.
A servebot came out with Tron and Bon Bonne's lemonade then went back into the kitchen.  15 minutes passed and the food still wasn't out.  But the Bonnes suddenly found they had an unexpected source of entertainment.  It turns out, Denise loved the red wine.  Maybe just a little too much.
"...and that's how I ended up losing my job.  I mean I can't believe the captain put up with me for all those years"
Denise was opening up to the Bonnes.  After her third glass of wine her shy nature was gone and she would not stop talking.  Her face had a slight red tint to it.
"I'm starting to regret giving her wine" Tron whispered to Teisel.
"If she does something stupid tonight, it's your fault" Teisel chuckled.
"Hey guys, I don't mean to be rude but what's for dinner?  I haven't had anything for almost a day now" Denise asked loudly.
"No, no need for the baseball bat, Bon Bonne.  Just sit and watch.  I'm sure Tron's friend will be fine" Teisel assured his brother.
"As I told Tron, Ms. Denise, it's a surprise…" Teisel was cut off.
"And now it's served!" the servebots came out of the kitchen with a cart.  On top the food was steaming.  Seconds and thirds were made just in case.
As each plate was placed on the table, mouths started to water.
"Prime rib?  I think I had this once before" Tron said eyeing her food like a python looking at a rabbit.
Prime rib with a baked potato served with plenty of butter, sour cream, and horseradish; simple, delicious, and well deserved.
"I can't believe you guys are wealthy enough to afford all of this" Denise said holding her fork and knife tightly.
"Umm...we are pirates Denise" Tron told her but Denise was already devouring her meal at a fast rate.
"Whoa, slow down there!  You act like you haven't eaten in days…years even!" Teisel said.
"It's not that.  No disrespect to my mother because I love her to death but every meal we have is always corn related; corn on the cob, cornbread, sometimes just plain old cornstarch too.  Try eating those 3 things for 25 years!  That and I'm starving!" she told them.
The Bonnes suddenly appreciated the life they had just a bit more.
"That would get old after a while.  I'm glad I heard that now because originally we were going to have corn on the cob instead of the potato but the corn was rotten" Teisel explained then started on his meal.
Other than Denise acting quite uncharacteristically, dinner went without any issues.  With a bare table in front of them, the servebots were now making desert.
"Are you sure you have room for desert?  You ate more than the rest of us put together." Tron asked Denise.
"I probably shouldn't but one cake won't hurt.  I hope you guys aren't mad" Denise was starting to sober up and reflect on her actions during dinner.
"Are you kidding?  You're quite entertaining after drinking some wine.  I mean some things you said this evening could have been avoided but I don't think anyone else cares, right guys?"
Tron and Bon Bonne nodded in Teisel's direction with a smile…well just Tron.
"I almost forgot.  We need to figure out a place for Denise to stay" Tron brought up.
"Stay?  Here?" Denise wasn't expecting this.
"No, out on the water…yes here, stup…I mean silly" Tron replied.
"You're telling me that I break into this ship, try to kill you, and you guys want me to stay?  Not to mention you even fed me food that usually only the wealthy enjoy"
"Unless you want to sleep outside" Teisel told her.
"No no…I'll stay.  It's not like I had anywhere else to go or want to go.  Pretty sure my mom's ashamed of me for losing my job" Denise explained.
"What did she say when you told her?" Tron inquired.
"Well, truth is…I actually haven't told her yet"
"…" Tron was going to inquire further but decided against it.
"Riiiight.  Well anyways like I said you can stay for tonight at least.  Tomorrow night depends on what you do once we tell you your job tomorrow" Tron told her.
"Job?  What job?" Denise was confused.
"You'll see soon enough" Teisel said.
"So…where do you want me to stay?" Denise asked.
Everyone was silent for a few moments.
"Ok.  I'm going to be very compassionate here despite everything that has happened…"
Denise listened carefully to Teisel.
"…and allow you to take my bed.  I'll just sleep on the sofa in the family room.  I sleep on the sofa in my room, anyways"
Tron and Denise were stunned.
"Teisel?  Really?" Tron was impressed.
"I really can't do that" Denise said.
"Oh then I suppose the ocean will suit you just fine"
"What I meant was that I would love to take the bed…thank you for your generosity as well as not dismembering me for what I did to Tron or for breaking into this place" Denise said with her hands folded in a prayer look.
"Think nothing of it.  Anyways, I'm calling it quits early today.  I'm gonna grab some sheets then hit the family room.  Goodnight everyone" Teisel excused himself from the table, skipping desert.
Everyone else helped themselves to at least 3 helpings of desert as they became hungry again when the servebot walked out with a fresh hot chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting and chunks of chocolate with chocolate syrup drizzled on top.  As the result of gorging themselves, the tired spell soon came upon Tron, Bon Bonne, and Denise and they to went to their sleeping quarters where they fell asleep soon after.

Next Chapter: Too Lazy to think of a name!
It takes a lot of forgiveness to allow someone into your family who tried to kill one of your siblings. Things can only get better from here right?
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